Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard

To All Friends of Health In Harmony:

We are writing to you to share exciting news about the future of Health In Harmony. Our organization has grown tremendously over the last four years and, as a result, we are changing our current structure to more fully meet our mission: to provide sustainable, long-term solutions that help individuals and communities while protecting the natural resources necessary for a healthy planet.

This spring, we are putting in place the infrastructure necessary to make important growth possible, notably by bringing our founder, Dr. Kinari Webb, in-house at Health In Harmony. Kinari will be managing the visioning part of our work in an official staff capacity as President/Founder of HIH. Former ASRI Conservation Director, Antonia Gorog, also joins the staff, bringing her considerable grant writing and program design experience to the position of Program Director.

With these changes, there is innate sadness in the “changing of the guard.” The Board of Health In Harmony recognizes outgoing Executive Director, Brita Johnson, for her unprecedented contributions to our mission over the past three years. Brita has done a fabulous job in bringing us to this stage and in growing the infant HIH into a young strong child; she will be passing the reins to the rest of the HIH team this month. Brita’s energetic spirit and warm interpersonal strengths have helped us to arrive at this exciting phase in our journey.

We are grateful to Brita for her optimism and unwavering commitment to Health In Harmony’s work. We wish Brita all the best in the future.

With gratitude,

The Health In Harmony Board


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