Global Giving Challenge

Global Giving Challenge

Global Giving Challenge Update

Health In Harmony's project ASRI met the initial 30 day - 50 donor - $4000 Challenge!

We are now a permanent participant on the well renowned fundraising site. Thanks to everyone who contributed to make that possible.

Now we forge on to meet our $10,000 programmatic fund goal.  It is as easy as a few mouse clicks.

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Health In Harmony's project ASRI has been accepted to participate in a 1 month Global Giving Challenge!

30 days
50 donors

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In the next 30 days we need 50 or more donors to help raise $4,000 towards program efforts. If we reach this benchmark, Health In Harmony is awarded a permanent spot on the well-renowned Global Giving fundraising website where people all over the world can learn about what we do and how they can help. All that in just a few mouse clicks.

This Challenge is for the month of August only, deadline is August 30th!

Help us make our 50 donor and $4,000 in contributions benchmark, today.

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