Forest Guardians: A Reason For Being

The likelihood that the 90,000 hectare-Gunung Palung National Park will perish without intervention is high. By some estimates, at least 20% has been lost in the last decade.

Orangutan Mother and Baby

Orangutan Mother and Baby. Photo by Sachi Oshima

Enter the Forest Guardians. In 2010, there were only four "green" villages surrounding the Park, few organic farming communities and no Forest Guardians. Today, there are thirty villagers from villages immediately adjacent to the park selected to serve as Forest Guardians based on the recommendation of their village leader for honesty, physical ability and respect of other villagers. And there are ten "green" villages that are certifiably free of illegal logging; fourteen organic farming communities, 250 organic farm trainings and 23,465 patient visits to date!

The Forest Guardians, en route. Photo courtesy of Kari Malen.

There is much to celebrate as this remarkable group wraps up their first year of building trust, monitoring logging and working on alternative livelihoods to illegal logging. Help us ensure these guardians of rain forest continue the decline in illegal logging for only $50 per month per guardian.


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