Celebrating Kari Malen - A note from Kinari Webb

Kari and Loren pay their respects at a temple in Bali.

This summer wonderful Volunteer Manager Kari Malen will be moving back to the U.S. with her husband Loren Bell who, in his own words, has been pursuing a graduate degree in "ecology, free-lance writing and chasing gibbons" in the rainforest near Sukadana. Loren has also helped ASRI in many ways including by providing fire suppression training for our reforestation crew.   As Kari and Loren contemplate their leaving, I asked her what she would most love as a parting gift.

Will you join me in giving Kari a gift of thanks?

What Kari really wants is a bit unusual: the gift of knowing that the ASRI conservation program is in good hands. With Kari moving on and Pak Ngalim, our current conservation manager and organic farming coordinator, moving to a consulting role, we want to combine their jobs and hire a new conservation manger who can act as liaison and ASRI conservation staff manager. There are two ways you can help!

1. Donate to support the Conservation Program Manager Position
2. Spread the word.

In the months ahead, Kari and Loren will also be considering their  next steps. We at HIH and ASRI are keeping our fingers crossed that they will decide to start an ASRI-like program in Indonesian Papua. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what happens!


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Kinari is the Founder of Health In Harmony and it's pilot program, Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI). She is based in San Francisco, CA and often travels to Sukadana, West Kalimantan, where ASRI is located.