Dining For Women, September's Donor Focus

Dining for Women, established in 2002 by Marsha Wallace, a nurse and mother of four from South Carolina, funds programs that foster good health, education, and economic self-sufficiency to make a positive difference through the power of collective giving.

Beneficiaries of the Goats For Widows program. Photo by Lauren Tobias, 2010.

Beneficiaries of the Goats For Widows program. Photo by Lauren Tobias, 2010.

Health In Harmony is honored to be Dining For Women’s featured organization for the month of September. With topics ranging from preventing the selling of young girls into bonded servitude, to changing the lives of impoverished indigenous girls through education, to ensuring educational parity for girls world-wide, DFW has raised over $1.5 million since its inception to address the needs of women and girls in extreme poverty.

With funding from Dining For Women, Health In Harmony will support Project ASRI’s Goats For Widows program with the purchase of over one hundred goats for 50 widows and their families, bringing the total number of families in the program to nearly 100. With those families, ASRI will be able to reach between 250 and 500 children, giving their families livelihoods and the opportunity to send kids to school, purchase and grow fresh vegetables, and have easier access high-quality healthcare. Health In Harmony thanks Dining For Women for their generosity, great spirit and compelling mission. We encourage you to find your local Chapter and join the thousands of woman who make a difference in the lives of girls and women across the globe.


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