Words To Live By

Guest blog by Janice Winemiller

Do you know that I frequently go through my daily life doing my job, my tasks and even my social activities without deeply thinking about the significance of those moments and the words I hear and use.

Recently, while working on a Rotary grant for Health In Harmony and having to do rewrites, the words Health In Harmony began to sink in, to stare back at me. The significance of those words together began to have real meaning to me. They became powerful - A connection and code that brought inner harmony to my thinking about health and a greater appreciation of how our global environment impacts each of us.

Meeting Kinari Webb, MD, and hearing her story of personal commitment to empower the lives of the local people, improve their health, build a hospital and save the rainforest in this remote part of the world was remarkable. She did so not from the shores of comfort in the USA but living for years in the primitive environs of Borneo. I am deeply humbled and grateful this Thanksgiving that I met a gracious heroic woman who has transformed the Sukadana community and established the vision of Health In Harmony not only for that part of the world but as I discovered, for my own, for our own. I hope Health In Harmony’s message is heard and spread by all! Health In Harmony are indeed words to inspire, support, and live by.

About Janice Winemiller

Janice is a dedicated supporter of Health In Harmony with the Seattle Rotary.


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