Five-Year Follow-Up Survey demonstrates ASRI's success!

“Five years ago there were more than 100 people in my village doing illegal logging, now there are less than 10.” - Pak Bastarin, West Kalimantan




Today, Health In Harmony’s mission of promoting the well-being of the planet by working strategically with local communities has been affirmed by the generosity of our community of donors.

Your gifts in December contributed $130,000 to changing the face of global health. As a result of your investments, in our partner Project ASRI’s five years of operation, key community and forest health indicators have measurably improved – with greater access to affordable, high-quality health care as well as patient education.

In 2012, a 5-Year Survey was completed to quantify our partner’s effectiveness, measured against the Baseline Survey conducted in 2007. We are excited to share that survey results indicate:

  • Unyielding local commitment to preserving the forest in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Evidence that ASRI’s conservation activities are effective and sustainable
  • Measurable reductions in numbers of illegal loggers

Want a snapshot of the results? Click here. Want to see the complete Five-Year Survey involving 1400 households? Click here.


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