We got it! The hospital permit is in hand!

We got it! The hospital permit is in hand!

A building permit for ASRI’s hospital is in hand! YES!

We have worked long, hard and patiently for this moment. There have been many memorable milestones and many hurdles - from vague regulations, to difficulty with our "no-bribes" policy.

But today, we are sharing our gratitude with each of you for having arrived at this moment. We are so full of thankfulness for all the support and encouragement that has made this possible.

And now, here’s what we need to build and sustain this dream:

1. Five "angels" whose generous gifts will ensure we can start construction soon. Are you one of our angels?

2. An individual with contractor experience to volunteer for a year, beginning early summer 2013. Please forward this email if you know someone who might be interested, and have them respond to info@www.healthinharmony.org!

3. Unrestricted gifts of any amount to maintain ASRI’s successful health and conservation programs and keep HIH domestic operations ticking - we need you to keep going strong, supporting existing programs, securing great volunteers, and telling our amazing story! Click here to donate or here to send a message to Michelle if you would like to help.

There is a sense of elation and a sense of urgency. Rarely have we needed your strength, depth, gifts, resilience and inspiration more as we put our all into this new and wonderful phase of saving rainforests with a stethoscope.

Help us keep our promise to the world -- that we will build a place where kindred spirits and passionate medical and conservation trailblazers can come and learn this model of human and environmental health, to lead replication in other countries and throughout Indonesia.


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