ASRI Needs You!

ASRI Needs You!

We are excited to announce a milestone achievement in our long-term forest conservation effort, as ASRI prepares to break ground for a larger, fully equipped health center.

ASRI’s initial community survey identified two crucial issues that contribute to illegal logging in the park. (1) The lack of alternative livelihoods, which prompted ASRI’s program of training in sustainable farming. (2) The lack of access to affordable health care -- because medical costs are a primary driver of household debt and thus of illegal logging.

So, ASRI established a clinic to provide high quality, subsidized health care to the community, with extra discounts for non-logging villages. And the model has proven successful: the past five years have seen a 67% decline in illegal logging households around the park.

But the ASRI clinic is too small to serve the growing number of people who come for treatment. ASRI and HIH are now poised to begin construction on a community health center, which would additionally serve as a center for environmental education and as a training center for replication of the ASRI model of conservation. We have the initial funding to begin construction — and we need to raise an additional $200,000 over the next six months to keep this building project on track.

We also need someone to oversee construction: a Construction Manager. We are ready to begin building our new clinic/infirmary building and are looking for the right person to join our team in Indonesia. This is a one-year volunteer position, room and board provided, traveling expenses negotiable. Please click here for the job description, also available on our Employment Opportunities page.

One of the villagers recently summed up the local perspective on the ASRI model of community development and environmental protection: "When ASRI came, we started to have hope." Our donors indeed create hope for these communities, and for the future of the rainforest.  Help us make this dream a reality!



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