Patients and alternative-livelihood trainees continue to increase!


The Clinic sees more patients every year

And we need to make room for the steadily-increasing number of patients. The high volume of patients is evidenced in long wait times for treatment and crowded waiting areas (indoor and out).


Slide1From the Clinic's first year in 2007, with 1,670 patients, to 2012's 7,382 patients, each year has seen an increase of approximately 1,000 patients. With a local population of 60,000, we expect this number will continue to increase!

Help us build the first block of the health and training center, the Outpatient Block, which will enable more patients to be seen, more quickly, in greater comfort.


Cumulative percentage of community members trained in alternative livelihood programs, 2009-2012. Graph by K. Hartman, 2013

Livelihood trainings are in demand

Since the inception of the alternative livelihoods program in 2009, ASRI staff have led trainings in organic farming and gardening, goat husbandry, and sustainable agroforestry.

These trainings provide alternatives to logging the rainforest, giving the communities around Gunung Palung National Park a source of sustainable cash income that maintains financial independence and ecosystem integrity.

Each year, these trainings are highly sought out. Help us provide more resources and room for the Alternative Livelihoods program - and a concurrent expansion of hope for a better future!


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