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Three exciting opportunities developed in the last few months that are all serving to place Health In Harmony and our founder, Dr. Kinari Webb, in a position of innovative leadership around the globe. The recognition from Rainer Arnhold, Ashoka, and the CLASSY Awards will help the model gain further attention and traction as it grows in your mission of saving the world's rainforests with a stethoscope.

Rainer Arnhold Fellowship

Dr. Kinari treating her patients. Photo: Erick Danzer

Dr. Kinari treating her patients. Photo: Erick Danzer

Rainer Arnhold is a two-year fellowship program recognizing promising solutions to the world's big problems. The program is dedicated to providing resources for the scaling and implementation of these world-changing ideas.

“I am thrilled to have received this fellowship which will provide just the mentoring we need to take our model to a global scale of approaching the health of people and the natural world as integral to each other.” - Dr. Kinari

Ashoka Fellowship

Dr. Kinari was also awarded an Ashoka fellowship, recognizing commitment to compassion, creativity and collaboration in pursuit of bold social change. Ashoka is the world's leading network of social entrepreneurs with lifetime support and community from the organization while on the path to change the world.

CLASSY Award Nominee

The CLASSY Awards recognize the greatest champions of social progress in an annual award ceremony judged by the leaders in the social innovation sector. In 2014, Health In Harmony was nominated in the Land, Wildlife and Urbanization subcategory of the Environmental Protection cause. While we did not win our category, Dr. Kinari still attended the event, rubbing shoulders with the other movers and shakers working on causes like wildlife protection, social justice, poverty and hunger around the globe.

Early morning rainforest landscape in Gunung Palung National Park. Photo: Erick Danzer

Early morning rainforest landscape in Gunung Palung National Park. Photo: Erick Danzer

Thanks to your continued support over the years, the Health In Harmony model of radical listening, working together, and win-win solution is being recognized as a global leader in solving problems of poverty, health, and environmental destruction. We are so excited to continue working with each of you to expand this model until no one needs to choose between medicine for their child and cutting down a tree.

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