A Driving Force: An Interview with Richard Ramer

A Driving Force: An Interview with Richard Ramer

hospital model

3D rendering of the Community Hospital and Training Center

Richard Ramer found his way to Health In Harmony three years ago when his brother, Andrew Ramer, introduced him to Dr. Kinari Webb. Richard is the head of RAMER Architecture, Inc., an award-winning firm based out of Santa Monica, CA known for sustainable design and LEED certified projects.

“When I met Kinari, the ASRI Community Hospital and Training Center (CHTC) was an idea in the making.  I was initially drawn to the idea of providing health care services for an indigenous community and only later did I learn of Kinari’s vision for a sustainable green design in a health care facility.  I was inspired to engage in a project that tackled sustainable design in a small community with limited resources.  I am familiar with first world sustainability but it is quite different from third world sustainability.”

Richard’s involvement in the project accelerated in the last year; his role focused on assembling a team to finalize the hospital’s function, structure and mechanical design.  As he stated, “I am here to help get it built, to figure how the parts really fit together and make it happen in the real world”.

Throughout all the excitement, Richard maintains a realistic stance, “Dreams of changing the world happen all the time but not often is there a chance to see something realized.  I would like to see this one project accomplished in this one community, then step back, look at Health In Harmony’s bigger vision and look for what is next, what is possible for the bigger vision after this first clinic is built and realized.  This project is very practical and achievable.” He adds that he is excited to become more involved with sustainably designed health care facilities in other underserved communities.

This step-by-step, realistic approach is why Richard encourages people to get involved with Health In Harmony, “This isn’t just a vision, it’s a project that’s actually getting done. You can touch it, see it, smell it—it’s real. You can be part of something that’s actually going to happen”.

During the entire process, Kinari has been very grateful for Richard’s involvement, "I cannot tell you how lucky I feel that we have had an architect of Richard’s caliber finalizing the designs and pulling together a team of the most amazing engineers to review all aspects of the foundation and structure.  He has done a stunning job!"

Groundbreaking for the Community Hospital and Training Center is set for late spring/early summer of 2015! The Capital Campaign is currently underway. “This isn’t one little project, it’s a driving force,” Richard concludes. Be part of something real and change the world by donating here.


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