What inspired you to give to the Community Hospital and Training Center?

Meet some of our most dedicated donors.


Dr. Kinari Webb and Tim Waters at a 2013 fundraiser

"It’s actually a very simple answer.  I was introduced to Kinari, and I was overwhelmed with focus, sincerity, dedication, and commitment. My first contribution was to help her hire two doctors and give legal advice. From that point forward, we became colleagues and friends. I was on the board for several years, I consider her the most remarkable person I’ve ever met, and I consider her the Mother Theresa of the 21st century. She is a person that more people could get to know."

- Tim Waters, a longtime friend of Health In Harmony who helped us achieve a $55,500 match to build an operating suite


Jan O'Brien and her daughter Kelsey Hartman in Sukadana

Jan O'Brien and her daughter Kelsey Hartman in Sukadana

"You are making an impact, and this is one of the reasons why we continue to support you. There are a lot of people with good ideas, and they just don't work, but you guys keep having a desired impact."

- Jan O'Brien, longtime supporter of Health In Harmony



Dr. Tom Duffy at his son's Yale White Coat Ceremony

"I’ve been involved in the project for several years, and it starts with my admiration and enthusiasm for the leadership of Kinari, who I have known since her medical student days. And the team that she surrounded herself with, they struck me as people who had ideas that our society should be listening to. I was always taken with remarkable conceit, the remarkable idea that one could trade health care to commitments to saving rainforests. All of this has caught my imagination and what I would hope catches that of others. Then to see the marvelous effectiveness of how health care is being delivered, especially how it has become a center for training, it is helping guarantee the delivery of excellent health care."

- Dr. Thomas Duffy, a professor from the Yale School of Medicine, who sponsored an out-patient room in the hospital


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