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Guest blog by Dr. Yuliana Jeng

"The sky is dark without the stars tonight. Still, I can hear the sound of rain falling down to the ground. I always love this moment. While I was watching the  rain through my window, I remember our lovely six year old patient, a little boy named Yasir."
- Dr. Yuli

Yasir came to the ASRI clinic three weeks ago with a fever, swelling, and pain involving the right submandibular, ear, and neck area. They also found purulent discharge from the external auditory canal and 15 cc's of pus and blood from the swollen abscess. In order to verify whether the bone was infected, the clinic staff recommended that he go to Ketapang for an x-ray. But his parents couldn't manage the long trip into the city.

The ASRI staff did their best to make him better with antibiotics and careful wound care. He always cried during the wound care, but the ASRI staff was always able to calm him down when Dr. Marisa, a clinic dentist, gave him a fire truck sticker. He loved the stickers because they reminded him of his father, who is a fireman.

After three weeks, Yasir's condition has improved considerably and he can return to school. Thank you to the incredible ASRI clinic staff for your dedication to the life-changing work you do every single day!

"Every day people pass by, and because we care, we can see the sorrow through their eyes. As a physician at the clinic, I learn not only medicine but also compassion. At ASRI, we care." - Dr. Yuli


Before and After Yasir's treatment at the ASRI clinic

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About Yuliana Jeng

Yuli is an Indonesian doctor at the ASRI Clinic and is based in Sukadana, West Kalimantan.


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