Making The Hospital A Reality: Meet Alice Prussin

Making The Hospital A Reality: Meet Alice Prussin

Alice Prussin is the Founder of Illuminosa Design. She serves as a member of the Health In Harmony Board and has been a critical member of the hospital design team. Learn more about her invaluable contribution to ASRI’s Community Hospital and Training Center!

Alice (center) with fellow HIH Board members Clare (left) and Cat (right).

Alice (center) with fellow HIH Board members Clare (left) and Cat (right).

How did you first become involved with Health In Harmony and the Community Hospital and Training Center project?

Many years before I joined the Board, I met Dr. Kinari Webb through my partner, Kim Duir, who was one of Kinari’s residency professors at Contra Costa Medical Center. The project was only a year old. Kinari told me about the hospital and I thought, “I’d like to help with that! I’ll do the lighting pro-bono!” That is how I first got started, and then in 2012, I joined the Board. And it soon became clear that I would be the person to interface with the Design Team, coordinate, and motivate the Board to keep everything moving forward.


How has it been working with the Design Team?

So far, the entire process has been amazing. The truth is, getting a project like this done is difficult, there are so many moving pieces. Having been a part of this project for so many years, I really feel like I have an ownership of the concept and I can bring my own skills in lighting and design and my passion for the mission into the project, and this is a way I can serve. I always have enjoyed doing lighting projects that have a special meaning and a higher purpose. This work reflects my values, and the Community Hospital and Training Center project is a great merging of my values, Health In Harmony’s vision, and commitment to ASRI.

The design team has been incredible. We are all very busy people but the generosity of time, spirit, and attention has just been inspirational. Every time I thought someone would tell me that they didn’t have time to work on the project, they would say, “Okay. Yes. Let’s do this.” Starting with Richard Ramer and Rafael Martinez, and the engineering team, I have been incredibly impressed. Everyone has been working together so well, taking it room by room with great detail. They have all been amazing.

I am extremely proud of the work that the design team has done bringing all of the thinking, design considerations and technical requirements into a complete set of permit drawings.  We have worked hard and it has paid off.  And now, it is onto the next step.

Health In Harmony secured the services of Scott Jones to serve as our Project Manager on site at ASRI -- We could not have hired a better match for our project.  Every time I speak with Scott I am struck by his thoughtful way of approaching problems and solutions. He has a complex understanding of how a project comes together and how to manage the design and technical considerations within the framework of a construction schedule.

As Scott and his wife Annie (who will be documenting the story of the construction!) prepare to leave for their year long adventure, I send them both off with all of my confidence.


Tell me about your “Honey Money” venture!

My partner, Kim, and I have a very prolific beehive in our backyard. It’s been more honey than we can use, and we were just giving it away. Then we thought, what if we asked for donations? So we bought beautiful honey jars, filled them with our local honey, and sell them to friends and coworkers and all the money goes to Health In Harmony!  Our customers always get a Health In Harmony flyer with their honey so they can learn about the project. Another thing to note: honey is one of the best things for making wounds sterile – what a cool way to integrate health and environment!


Alice and so many others have freely and generously given their time to design the Community Hospital and Training Center. If you would also like to make a commitment to saving forests with a stethoscope, you can donate to the hospital here.


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