Bringing the Hospital to the Community

It was a big week in Sukadana! In between meetings with the contractors, the team met with the local community throughout the week for “Community Socialization” gatherings. They discussed the details of the hospital and community benefits, and the space allowed members of the community to come forward to voice their questions, thoughts, and concerns regarding the hospital.

The community socialization meetings consisted of three parts:

1)    Local labor & materials meeting

2)    Presentations to local heads of villages

3)    Door-to-door awareness

The labor & materials meeting was held Monday, June 15 with participation from the contractor, Pilar Construction. Roughly 80 community members attended the 4-hour comprehensive presentation on the project. ASRI staff took questions and began coordination of labor/materials from the community. People were generally very excited about the hospital, and looked forward to participating in construction or selling materials.

The head of villages meeting was successful.  People were excited and supportive, though had questions about how the hospital would be staffed.

After work hours, ASRI's management team visited adjacent neighbors for door-to-door awareness, notifying them about the upcoming construction project. They talked to the neighbors about the construction process, informed them on how it will impact the neighborhood, and gave the neighbors an opportunity to voice their thoughts and concerns.

As you can see, radical listening is and will always be a critical part of ASRI's work!


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Annie was the On-Site Communications Manager at Health In Harmony in 2015. She was based at ASRI in Sukadana, West Kalimantan.