What We're Reading: September 2015

Our top reading list for September!

1. LISTEN: "Everything is Connected" by TED Radio Hour at NPR

For anyone who is a fan of TED talks, this is for you (especially with that handy podcast app on your phone!). In this episode of TED Radio Hour, they share a few clips from various TED talks about the importance of our natural environment, and how everything on our planet is deeply connected. The entire show is worth listening to, but if you only have a couple minutes, we recommend tuning in to the interview with Bernie Krause, a renowned bio-acoustician. During his interview, he plays a recording from Lincoln Meadow in the Sierra Nevadas from 1988 - a beautiful orchestra of birds chirping in the forest. He then plays a recording from the following year, after selective logging had occured in the area, and the difference is astounding. We recommend you go listen for yourself, but it is a clear example of how logging can drastically change an ecosystem. Like we always say, we are all connected!


2. READ: "Indonesian haze: Why it's everyone's problem" by Georgia McCafferty and Tom Sater at CNN

via CNN (Photo: Abdul )

via CNN (Photo: Abdul Qodira)

As some of you probably know, we're in the midst of an El Niño year, which has resulted in some brutal dry spells across the globe. This has led to ideal conditions (less than ideal if you ask us) for the annual burning of land for pulp, paper, and palm oil in Indonesia. The burning has been so bad that the region has been under a thick haze - so bad that flights are often canceled and it has become customary to wear a medical face mask outside. Not only does this burning release a tremendous amount of carbon into the atmosphere, but it is having a serious impact on people's health. The effects of this smog are reaching farther than the boundaries of Indonesia's borders. This is an unfortunate example of how destroying the environment has negative consequences for human health.


3. WATCH: "Our Land" directed by Amin Panji Wijaya at CIFOR

Winner of the Think Forests Video Award, this beautiful short video shows us how forests provide security in our lives, and that it is not too late to repay them. The cinematography is reason alone to watch!


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