What We're Reading: Staff Picks For 2015

For our last What We're Reading of the year, we've rounded up our staff's favorite articles of the year. What were your favorite picks of 2015?

Trina's Pick: "Safeguarding human health in the Anthropocene epoch: report of The Rockefeller Foundation-Lancet Commission on planetary health" at The Lancet

"This piece demonstrated to me that the world is waking up to the fact that everyone and everything is connected. We can no longer work in silos of environment, poverty, health care, but must recognize that problems are complex, so our solutions must be complex."

- Trina Jones, Senior Development Manager


Kari's Pick: "Reforestation programs may help reduce illegal logging in Indonesian Borneo" by Ariel Mark at Mongabay

"I love this article because Mongabay is THE resource for tropical biology and conservation news. And because we all wonder if reforestation efforts are effective - and this shows they are in more ways than we imagined."

- Kari Malen, Director of International Programs


Bethany's Pick: "Why the ‘biggest climate story on the planet’ is happening in Indonesia right now" by Juliet Eilperin and Chris Mooney at The Washington Post

"The article explains, clearly and simply, the carbon problem that Indonesia's peat fires present and how land use regulation and consumer purchasing decisions can positively impact the global issue."

- Bethany Kois, Grants Specialist


Darya's Pick: "Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?" by George Monbiot at The Guardian

"After traveling to Indonesia for the first time and seeing the fires and thick smog for myself, I couldn't believe how little media attention this crisis was getting. This article articulates everything I was feeling and puts it all into perspective."

- Darya Minovi, Communications and Development Coordinator


Lisa's Pick: "As Indonesia's Annual Fires Rage, Plenty of Blame But No Responsibility" by Anthony Kuhn at NPR

"Despite the ecological struggle happing right now in Indonesia, this story left me optimistic that we have the opportunity to leverage an international discussion for action on climate change."

- Lisa Hillerns, Coordinator


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