New Hope for the Outstanding Farmer of Kayong Utara

Receiving an invitation for the Independence Day Ceremony in the Presidential Palace was something that Pak Noor never dreamed of. Yet, on August 17th, 2016, he was there - invited by Indonesian President Joko Widodo as one of the "Outstanding Farmers" representing the Kayong Utara Regency in West Kalimantan. So, who is Pak Noor?


Noor with an eggplant from his organic garden | Photo: Darya Minovi

Pak Noor is an active member of one of ASRI’s target farmer groups, Harapan Baru (meaning "New Hope"). Pak Noor is originally from the village of Benawi Agung and has been involved in Harapan Baru since 2009, working previously as a logger. With ASRI's training, he learned how to farm using organic methods and immediately took his new skills and put them into practice.

In the community, Pak Noor is known as a farmer with a vision. In the same year he received training, he came to ASRI to ask for help with writing a proposal to the Department of Agriculture and Livestock in Sukadana, where ASRI is located. The proposal asked for cows as livestock and manure to use in organic farming. The local department approved their proposal and sent Harapan Baru 22 cows. Instead of taking all of the livestock, Pak Noor and his group only took 11 and gave the rest to other villages.

Their group now has 18 cows and they are producing 2 tons of organic fertilizer each week! Besides using it for their crops, they've also started a business by selling their fertilizer to other farmers. Even more, Pak Noor is now training others in organic farming!


Noor conducting a training on how to make compost | Photo: Syufra Malina

Pak Noor's persistence and active involvement in organic farming has brought a special spirit to ASRI. Not only is it a success for alternative livelihoods, but it's a positive influence on the entire community. So, when Pak Noor approached ASRI to ask for their help with creating a video for the Outstanding Farmer nomination, the conservation team helped him without hesitation.

Pak Noor is just one example of how ASRI not only trains farmers but continuously supports the farmers' groups in achieving their goals. For people like Pak Noor, who used to have no choice but log in the forest to make ends meet, this truly is a "new hope."


Thanks to your donations, Noor was able to get the training and support necessary to become an exemplary farmer and leader in the community - now with recognition from President Joko Widodo! You can ensure that others have the same opportunity by supporting our partner ASRI's programs and making a generous gift today.


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