Breaking: Moving into the ASRI hospital!

This weekend, the ASRI staff was all hands on deck to help with a BIG transition - moving the clinic into the new hospital building!



After days of hauling beds, supplies, and patient records from one building into the other, ASRI held a ceremony with the community, volunteers, and visitors to celebrate! Together they honored this beautiful space of healing and the generous donors like you who made it possible. As ASRI's Executive Director, Monica Nirmala, said in her speech, "This building is a reminder of love between people from all over the world, and the love between humans and the environment."




And now they're back to doing what they do best: seeing and treating patients with the highest-quality care!





Thank you to everyone who donated their money, time, and skills to bring this hospital to more than 100,000 people living in West Borneo. We couldn't do it without your compassion and commitment to healthy people and a healthy planet.



What's next? Over the following year, the ASRI clinic will operate out of Building A of the hospital, while the rest of the buildings are completed. While we work on phasing in surgeries and other services, we still need your help to keep ASRI's amazing programs running. With a recent study linking the smoke from Indonesia's 2015 fires to more than 100,000 premature deaths in Southeast Asia, this life- and planet-saving work is more important than ever. Make a donation today.


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