What We're Reading: Staff Picks for 2016

For our last What We're Reading of the year, we've rounded up our staff's favorite articles of the year. What were your favorite picks of 2016?

Kinari's Pick: "Study point to El Niño-like global connections between forests" by John C. Cannon at Mongabay.

-- Dr. Kinari Webb, Founder


Trina's Pick: "Offline: 2016 - some lessons to consider" by Richard Horton at The Lancet.

"I liked this piece because it concisely speaks to how I am feeling post-election and offers a positive road forward. It doesn't demonize or take sides, but eloquently makes the case that we are all in this world together and the solutions to global problems must be shared or they will not solve anything for anyone."

-- Trina Jones, Managing Director


Amy's Pick: "10 reasons to be optimistic for forests" by Rhett A Butler at Mongabay.

"In many ways, this has been a challenging year, and it's been easy to fall into deep despair about things like climate change. It is certainly good to know the realistic challenges our world is facing, but I like to surround myself with reasons for hope."

-- Amy Krzyzek, Volunteer Manager


Bethany's Pick: "Incorporating Social Aspects and Human Wellbeing in Biodiversity Conservation Projects" by Conservation Measures Partnership.

"This article presents a simple framework for how to evaluate the contributions of human well-being outcomes and how to incorporate human well-being objectives into conservation projects."

-- Bethany Kois, Research Director


Darya's Pick: "69m people breathed toxic smoke from 2015 Indonesian fires: study" by Mongabay.

"Having been in Borneo during the 2015 fires, I saw firsthand the devastation to rain forests and the impact on people's health. There were days when the air was so thick with smoke, that you couldn't see more than 50 feet ahead. Meanwhile, almost nobody else in the world was talking about the firest. It is studies like this one that show how bad it was, and how many people it impacted."

-- Darya Minovi, Communications and Outreach Manager


Kari's Pick: "Beyond Paris: COP22, a critical nuts-and-bolts carbon-cutting summit" by Justin Catanoso at Mongabay.

"A look at the planetary health discussion and current state of affairs from the International lens. The time to act is now and the role of forest protection, specifically in Indonesia, is critical."

-- Kari Malen, International Program Development Director



Lisa's Pick: "Blind baby orangutan found all alone fights to get her sight back" by Zainab Akande at The Dodo.

"After visiting the Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesia this year, most of the articles I have been drawn to are stories of orangutan rescue and rehabilitation. With all the world struggles this year, it's helpful to turn to the resilience and strength of these beautiful animals."

-- Lisa Hillerns, Office Manager


Martini's Pick: "Indonesia pledges to protect peatlands to fight climate change, haze" by Coco Liu at Thomson Reuters Foundation.

"A great win for the environment if Indonesia's ban on converting peatlands into plantations is enforced."

-- Martini Morris, Grants Manager


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