Journey to Borneo: An Unforgettable Experience

Guest blog by Leni Glassman

In August, ten-year-old Leni Glassman traveled to Borneo with her mother, father, and sister, to see Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI), the program that her family has been supporting for years, in person. Now, Leni reflects on her experiences and the memorable people she met.

Peter, Lisa, Leni and Serah Glassman with Ibu Setiawati and women in the Goats for Widows program | Photo: Maggie Gumbinner

My trip to Indonesia was an unforgettable experience. We did so many things! And visited so many places!

Hiking Gunung Palung, riding a boat in Tanjung Puting, both of those experiences being in national parks. Shopping in Ubud, getting peed on by an orangutan, and being centimeters apart from them.

But for me, the real takeaway from this trip is the people of Indonesia. So calm, collected, and happy. I think Americans should be more like them! More respectful. More patient. More generous. More kind! Those are the types of things I noticed in the ASRI staff. Everyday. Every morning meeting. I notice how they all work together. From the doctors to the conservation team, to the kids, and the dentists. One thing I could always rely on them to do was smile, which cheers everyone around them up.

Leni with students in the ASRI Kids program | Photo: Michelle Bussard

The people from Indonesia have inspired me. They have inspired me to change the world and make it a better place. Even if it means starting small, like in your own community. Anyone is capable, they just need to believe in themselves.  We need to do this because people in remote places like Borneo need our help. Like Michelle and Kinari say, “With fortune comes responsibility. Not only have both of those women changed the world, but they’ve changed me. Overall, my trip to Indonesia was truly amazing.

Interested in joining the next Journey to Borneo? This year's trip will be from May 13-26. For more information, please email Amy or call 503.688.5579.


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