Indefinite Suspension of the Health In Harmony Volunteer Program

As of February 1, 2017, we are temporarily suspending our sending of new volunteers to ASRI. This is due to recent changes in Indonesian immigration regulations and visa requirements. Though no new volunteers will be able to travel at this time, all volunteers who are currently at ASRI are able to stay for the duration of their trip, as planned. Short-term visits involving our supporters -- such as our Journey to Borneo in May -- will also proceed as planned.

Health In Harmony and ASRI staff are working with the Indonesian government to understand the new procedures and regulations. It is our priority to adhere to Indonesian law and ensure the safety and security of all who visit. The volunteer program is of immense mutual value for ASRI staff and for visitors, and we hope to reinstate the program in the near future. Though we are not currently processing applications for our volunteer program, we have a form where individuals can express interest and sign-up for updates. Once procedures have been clarified, we will contact you.

We are immensely grateful for all the students, doctors, conservation professionals, photographers and many others who have volunteered their time, contributed their skills, and advanced our mission over the years.

Please reach out at any time to Amy Krzyzek, International Partnerships Manager, or Trina Jones, Managing Director, with your questions.


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Trina is the Managing Director at Health In Harmony, based in Portland, OR.