5 reasons to join the Journey to Borneo

Every year, we host the Journey to Borneo so that you can see the work you make possible - from conserving vital ecosystems, to improving access to health care, to generating sustainable livelihoods for families. Here are 5 reasons we hope you can join us on one of our upcoming trips.


  1. Explore Bornean rain forests.

Borneo’s lush, tropical forests are unlike any other destination on Earth. These enchanting forests are teeming with dangling vines, ancient towering trees, and colorful flowers. You’ll have the opportunities to view plenty of wildlife (the crowd favorite is the orangutan!), but you’ll also lay eyes on other primates (gibbons, macaques, and proboscis monkeys), birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians.


  1. Form genuine connections.

This trip builds in many opportunities to meet people who are most impacted by our work. from shadowing patient visits in the hospital, to harvesting vegetables alongside farmers, to enjoying conversations over delicious meals in a family's home, you will enjoy getting to know Indonesia from locals’ perspectives.


  1. Venture off the beaten path.

This trip calls to adventure-lovers! The Journey includes a wide variety of activities, such as visiting remote villages, sampling buffets of delicious Indonesian cuisine, and viewing wildlife on hikes and a 3-day river cruise. Our local connections and knowledge will enable you to see parts of Indonesia that tourists do not often visit.


  1. Learn about Planetary Health.

Health In Harmony is one of the only organizations in the world that is working in the field of Planetary Health. We will introduce you to this emerging (and exciting!) field, allowing you to better understand the linkages between ecosystems, human health, and livelihoods. The future of our planet depends on all of us, and we hope the Journey empowers you to continue making positive change.


  1. Travel with a purpose.

This is not just a vacation – it is a commitment to Health In Harmony’s work and creating a healthier planet for all of us. All proceeds from the trips advance and maintain our programs, so you can feel good about how you are spending your time and money.


Ready to pack your bags? Check out the dates for our upcoming trips and complete the interest form here. Space is limited.


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