ASRI's Education Programs Reach Kids and Teens in Kalimantan

“Please show me, where is Indonesia?”

“Here!” the students called as they simultaneously pointed to Indonesia.

The class then continued around the globe, learning about countries from all seven continents. They spread their arms as if they were flying from one continent to the other.

At the end of the class, ASRI's Community Outreach Coordinator, Etty Rahmawati, gave them a quiz, where students competed to answer questions by raising their hands as quickly as possible. For those who answered correctly, Etty let them choose a prize from her infamous treasure box. Seeing such joy and spirit of the students is why she loves teaching so much.

Etty also teaches ASRI Teens. These are high school students who have completed the ASRI Kids program, who learn more advanced material and have the opportunity to help with teaching ASRI Kids.

During on class, she took them on a field trip to explore ASRI's mini forest, behind the Community Hospital and Training Center. She asked them to identify things around them using their senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch. After, they were asked to write a poem about the forest (an activity cleverly named, Poet-Tree).

Poet-Tree from the ASRI Teens

"I hope after they finish the program, they will be more enthusiastic to continue their education and consider college,” says Etty.

Since the ASRI Kids program was founded in 2012, and the ASRI Teens in 2014, more than 700 children from 20 schools have been through these programs.


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Oka Nurlaila is ASRI's Communications & Marketing Manager. She is based in Sukadana, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.