Thank you for a truly impactful year! In 2018, our community-centered approach to rain forest conservation continued to have tremendous positive impact for both human and ecosystem health. Your generous support helped us treat more patients, plant more trees, and protect more rain forest than ever before.

In 2018, we decided to significantly expand HIH’s reach and impact on rain forest ecosystems worldwide -- and, thanks to you, we’re taking the first steps in that direction. We launched women’s health and conservation programs at a new site: Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (BBBR) in Borneo. And we hosted our first experiential Planetary Health courses for students and young professionals with our Indonesian partner Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI). With your help, we’re continuing to support incredible health care, conservation and livelihood programs through ASRI, and now at our second site in Borneo’s magnificent BBBR ecosystem.

Health In Harmony is different from other conservation groups: we work alongside rain forest communities to help them find multifaceted solutions for deforestation, combining elements of health care, agriculture, education, and economics. Because these communities are the experts: they know what it will take to eliminate logging. We believe this approach can bring positive change to communities and rain forests outside of Indonesia, creating a healthier planet, with a stable climate future for us all. In 2018, your support laid the foundation for that future. Thanks for making this possible - we look forward to increasing our global impact in 2019 and beyond!

JONATHAN JENNINGS, Executive Director

Meet Dewi, a midwife at our new program site in Beloyang Juoi, a remote village on the outskirts of BBBR. With Dewi and our other medical staff on duty, women don’t have to dread their deliveries anymore. Lives are being saved, thanks to you.

Health Care that Heals the Planet

In 2018, the ASRI clinic received over 9,000 patient visits – and these patients used over 17,000 seedlings as payment for care! The clinic fulfils a huge need for medical and dental care. We accept seedlings and reforestation supplies in lieu of cash — and patients from non-logging villages receive significant discounts on their medical bills. Designed in response to hundreds of hours of community meetings, this program makes health care affordable and accessible for communities while also protecting and growing the rain forest.

Planting the Seeds of a Stable Climate Future

Gunung Palung National Park spans 250,000 acres of tropical rain forest – and the carbon it contains is equivalent to 14 years of CO2 emissions of San Francisco. And Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park is more than twice as big!

Protecting and regenerating forests like the two you support through Health In Harmony is one of the most important steps the world needs to take to slow climate change. That’s why in 2018 we decided to start spreading our unique and highly effective model to other rain forest communities and ecosystems, and implement more community-led Planetary Health programs. After all, protecting and regenerating forests - because of the carbon that trees sequester - can account for one-third of Earth’s climate solution.

This is Helda, a high school senior in Sukadana. When she needed urgent dental treatment, Helda came to the dental clinic at ASRI. But she couldn’t afford to pay with cash; instead, Helda paid for her care by growing seedlings for ASRI’s reforestation sites. So far, she has brought over 2 million rupiah ($141) worth of seedlings to the clinic, where they’ll be cared for in the ASRI nursery and planted in the forest.


We Launched a Second Program Site – in a New Part of Borneo

For decades, communities around BBBR lacked critical care for pregnant women.

Without doctors, nurses, or midwives, every new delivery was a potential death sentence. Desperate families resorted to logging in the national park to cover the cost of travel to the nearest hospital, paying a terrible price only to receive substandard care.

But now women and children in BBBR are finally receiving the quality health care they deserve, without having to cut down trees to pay for it. You sent in a team of midwives to begin treating patients in BBBR in October 2018, and they had over 400 patient visits before the year was out!

Former logger Pak Arifin recently gave up his chainsaw for a new business selling sugarcane juice. “Life is much better now,” Pak Arifin told us.

With less stress, a stable income, and less dangerous and physically taxing work, Pak Arifin is healthier – and the forest is healthier, too. In exchange for seed money and training to start a new business, Chainsaw Buyback participants like Pak sell us their old chainsaws and agree to stop logging. In 2018, you helped 48 former loggers drop their chainsaws and make the switch to sustainable livelihoods like organic agriculture and aquaculture. Right now, Chainsaw Buyback saves 34 trees a day! In fact, it’s kept over 13,328 old-growth trees standing since it began in 2017.

Gunung Palung National Park (GPNP) is home to at least 2,500 Bornean orangutans, 10% of the remaining individuals of this endangered species. Protecting GPNP keeps their habitat safe!

Galvanizing the Planetary Health Movement

Our programs are a strong example of how to implement Planetary Health principles with practical solutions: that’s why in 2018 we became leaders in Planetary Health. As part of the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA), a consortium of like-minded academic institutions and non-profits, we are helping set the course for this crucial and influential field.

In 2018, we spoke at conferences (including the Doctors Without Borders Annual Conference in Hong Kong and the PHA conference in Edinburgh) and published work in The Lancet, The Hill, Tropical Conservation Science, and elsewhere. Your support will continue to spread the word and help build a lasting Planetary Health movement before it’s too late!

“I was inspired…seeing first-hand the important role that a health care organization can play in the health of a community and its surrounding environment.”

Hayley, University of Montana
Educating the Next Generation of Planetary Health Leaders

In 2018, 38 visiting students and young professionals traveled to ASRI to experience Planetary Health in Action. Students shadowed ASRI staff, planted trees, and hiked Gunung Palung National Park. Groups from University of Montana, Ohio State, and Yale-National University of Singapore contributed their own skills and creativity to help ASRI thrive -- everything from forestry to videography!

We also collaborated with the next generation through our ASRI Kids and ASRI Teens programs. With help from ASRI staff and visiting educators, 170 local children and teens participated in immersive Planetary Health camps and field trips. Some students had never seen an orangutan or visited the rainforest, despite living so close to one!

Thank you for your support! 

By working directly with communities and by listening to and implementing their solutions – every gift provides both life-saving health care and reverses deforestation in critical ecosystems. With your help, we will continue healing rain forests and rain forest communities as part of a Planetary Health movement!

Here are a few ways you can help:


By committing to a monthly, quarterly, or yearly gift you become an Ironwood donor –named for the strongest tree in the rain forest. Visit healthinharmony.org/donate to join!


Visit our partner ASRI to see Planetary Health in Action! We are continuing to expand our field exchange and travel options and can even tailor an extraordinary travel experience to your interests and schedule.


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