ASRI Celebrates its New Executive Director

Our partners at Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI) needed a large sign to commemorate this important occasion. Not wanting to buy a plastic banner or a whiteboard made of plastic, they found an old plank – part of the crate that once contained ASRI’s X-ray machine – and painted it black. Then they used chalk to decorate it with drawings and a message reading: “ASRI Executive Director Transition Ceremony and Blessings.”  After 6 years of dedicated service, ASRI Executive Director Monica Nirmala was handing over the reigns to a new leader, Nur Febri Wardi.

Monica Nirmala (left) and Febri Wardi | Photo: Stephanie Gee

Febri comes to ASRI after a productive and far-reaching career at Red Cross Indonesia.  In her remarks at the transition ceremony, Febri said, ““As soon as I read the job vacancy, I was in love.  And now, after almost two months transitioning into my role at ASRI, not only do I love this work but also I’m just so proud to be part of ASRI.”

Health In Harmony Executive Director Jonathan Jennings expressed his excitement and optimism for the future of ASRI, saying “ASRI programs deliver improved human health and improved health of the natural systems that underpin our health. Today ASRI stands as a pioneer of Planetary Health in action.”

The transition ceremony, attended by staff, local officials, and members of the community, was followed by an afternoon meal and a joyous round of dancing. ASRI staff took the opportunity to relax and celebrate Monica’s successful six years at ASRI.

Thank you for your service, Monica!

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