Help us Get Rolling Again!

Every month our partner Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI) provides clinical care and follow up visits for families in the most rural villages on the border of Gunung Palung National Park. ASRI staff crisscross the landscape delivering affordable medical care to patients who have no other access to medical care. In exchange, patients often pay with seedlings instead of cash.

ASRI Staff: Efan, Ingrid, Faisal, Vita, and Aulia on a mobile clinic trip | Photo: Stephanie Gee

Reforestation staff then collect these seedlings and travel to degraded forest land to plant them at our reforestation sites. It’s truly a win-win solution for these communities and for the beautiful environment that surrounds them – and ASRI's truck makes this win-win solution possible.

But the roads in rural Borneo are little more than rugged tracks of red clay that quickly turn to mud each spring. After traversing these almost impassable roads for a decade, ASRI’s truck is finally breaking down. It has often needed repairs over the last couple of years, and now it’s not running, again!  That's why Health In Harmony is launching a campaign to raise the necessary funds to purchase a new truck. ASRI needs $50,000 for a new 4-wheel-drive, heavy-duty truck to handle the terrain. We've already raised $20,000, but need $30,000 more by September 15 for a replacement.

Your donation towards a new truck will help us get back on track – literally!

Stuck in the mud during monsoon season | Photo: Oka Nurlaila

Your contribution means we will not have to face costly (and potentially deadly) delays while the old truck is being repaired every few weeks. By supporting ASRI’s mobile clinic and seedling collection programs, you are healing patients in rural Borneo and the fragile ecosystem there.

Patients rely on ASRI’s services, especially those that live so far from the clinic. These are some of the world’s most vulnerable people, but they are stewarding our planet’s most precious resources. Health In Harmony strongly believes that we must help these people get the care they can break their economic dependence on illegal timber. With your help, we can get ASRI back on the road, this month, carrying out their important work for people and the planet.

We’re almost halfway to the goal, but only have until September 15 to raise the rest. You can provide mobile clinics to patients in need, Donate Today!

ASRI mobile clinic doctors treat patient | Photo: Stephanie Gee


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