What is it like to travel with purpose?

We often call our Journey to Borneo an opportunity to travel with a purpose. Visiting ASRI and Indonesia is an experience like none other, and, as this year’s travelers say in the video at the bottom of this post – it will change your life. But why? What is it about seeing planetary health in action that makes such a difference?

Travelers enjoy a sunset in West Kalimantan.
Journey to Borneo travelers with the ASRI staff watching the sunset.

It starts with the warm welcome into the ASRI family by the wonderful health care and conservation staff, some of whom you may be able to share a home with during your stay. Then it also comes from shadowing doctors in the clinic, exploring organic farms, and glimpsing orangutans in the rain forest. The Journey to Borneo is not tourism; visiting ASRI affirms the value of work for the staff and communities in West Kalimantan, invests in their success, and helps you make connections to become more involved in the work of protecting rain forests and human health. You will leave with hope for our planet.

Our travelers this July had the chance to talk with some of ASRI’s Forest Guardians and say thank you for the work they do in their communities with loggers. The Forest Guardians turned the gratitude around, saying “Thank you for coming here! If people from around the world care so much about the forest that they will come here to see it, how much more should we who live here care about it? Knowing that you care about the work we do and that you are here to visit us inspires us to want to do even more.”

Travelers speak with former loggers about their work to protect Indonesian rain forests.
Nancy and David share gratitude with the Forest Guardians.

We customize each Journey so travelers experience all facets of this comprehensive work while making sure to connect you with what excites you most. While in Indonesia, you can:

Meet farmers like Pak M. Nur, a former logger, who now supplies organic compost to the government and grows rice for the patients and staff at the ASRI clinic.

Travelers learn about sustainable farming practices at ASRI, in West Kalimantan Indonesia.
Travelers with Pak M. Nur (left) and his cows in the background – a key part of making organic compost!

Hike in Gunung Palung National Park, witnessing the incredible biodiversity firsthand, and seeing from above the orangutan corridor ASRI has reforested thanks to patients paying with seedlings and donor support.

Travelers visit a waterfall in Gunung Palund Nation Park, Indonesia.
Hiking to a waterfall in beautiful Gunung Palung National Park.

Celebrate a logger putting down his chainsaw once and for all, like this man, who was inspired to join the Chainsaw Buyback program after his daughter came home from ASRI Kids talking about how deforestation causes flooding.

A former logger sells his chainsaw as a part of a chainsaw buyback program.
A former logger and his daughter, getting ready to sign his chainsaw buyback agreement.

Venture into the rain forest on a river boat, seeing rehabilitated orangutans up close!

An orangutan in Gunung Palung National Park.
An orangutan munching on an afternoon snack.
A traveler in West Kalimantan, Indonesia watches proboscis monkey's from a boat.
Viewing Macaques and proboscis monkeys from the boat.
Travelers see orangutans up close in Gunung Palung National Park.
Seeing orangutans up close.

At ASRI, you will experience win-win solutions that are working for people and working for the planet and come away understanding your role in creating a healthier planet.

Still not sure if the Journey to Borneo is for you? This year’s travelers, David and Nancy, made a video for you about their experience, what surprised them, what they loved, and how it changed them.

Ready to go to ASRI and travel with a purpose? Email Trina today to start talking about dates that work for you.

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