Our Mobile Clinic is Back on the Road!

This month marked the first round of patient visits for Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI)'s mobile clinic team in their new truck! The mobile clinic team climbed aboard and headed to a small village called Pangkalan Jihing.  Loaded up with blood pressure monitors, eyeglasses, dental equipment, and everything in between, the new truck was ready for its long ride through the forest.

Loading up to treat patients! | Photo: Oka Nurlaila

Our mobile clinic program meets a serious and ongoing need for basic health care in this part of rural Borneo. Health care is scarce. In many cases, villagers would have to travel many hours to reach the nearest doctor!  Without access to care, easily preventable or treatable conditions can mushroom into serious health problems.  In fact, ASRI programs were designed in response to this community need. By providing quality, affordable health care, we are creating an alternative to the illegal timber trade. Families no longer need to log to pay for care.

Patients tried on new eyeglasses | Photo: Oka Nurlaila

Each month, the medical staff of our partner ASRI travels over rutted roads to villages more than five hours away. These villages depend on ASRI -- and the new truck is allowing us reach them more easily than ever.  The new truck also allows us to collect seedlings, manure, and other reforestation supplies that patients give us in lieu of cash to pay for their care.

Thanks to your generous support, we are continuing to treat patients, plant trees, and protect the rain forest!



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