Sailing Through Icebergs with Health In Harmony and ASRI

Alexiandrea Borden is a photographer who has donated her incredible prints for ASRI's Community Hospital and Training Center. They are featured prominently in ASRI's patient areas and community meeting room, reminding staff and visitors that our shared climate means icebergs in Greenland rely on healthy rain forests in Borneo - as trees fall, the ice melts. Her work has even inspired our ASRI Teens to begin conservation outreach in local shops!

Today, Alexiandrea shares her experience below of photographing these icy wonders and has made her prints available for you to order from our Gift Shop! We will continue to add more of her beautiful photos to our shop over time, and please let us know if you find one you love that's not available yet.


Our sails are about to be hoisted up as we set off on an adventure sailing thru icebergs off the coast of Greenland.

Greenland, half the size of the United States, is almost completely covered by a massive ice cap that is up to two miles thick.

Along its southern edges, the ice cap has melted and is now the world's most prolific producer of Icebergs.  Giant pieces of ice break off from a glacier, setting the icebergs adrift in the sea.

As our sleek sailboat deftly glides with the utmost precision past canyon walls, we enter a startlingly unusual world - instead of mountains and cliffs and rocks and boulders of the Earth, all is constructed entirely of millenniums of water, frozen solid, compressed, and at the end of a many thousands year slide from a distant mountaintop.

Only the ocean, a cold breeze blowing from walls of ice, and a haunting stillness infuse this Arctic world.

Islands of ice glide silently by us...headed where?  Large flotillas of icebergs may travel together for years caught in an Arctic current, or may head out to “Iceberg Alley” of Titanic fame in the Atlantic, their fate sealed once they encounter the Gulf Stream off the coast of St Johns, Canada.

How will their days drift by as they melt into the sea?

A deep silence surrounds us, but that tranquility is punctuated without warning by the sharp sounds of tall cliffs of ice cracking and dropping with a thunderous crash into the sea, a stark reminder that indeed ice is melting.

As we glide past these fantastical scenes of icescapes, we slowly begin to comprehend that we have left the Earth as we know it and truly entered the “Ice Kingdom” - a name that the indigenous Greenlandic people use to refer to the icy world they live upon.

Out at sea, atop the world, the alchemy of the Arctic sunset can stretch for hours in a never-ending day as the midnight Sun rests on that distant line where sea meets sky, refusing to set and suffusing the Arctic ice in a glowing depth and breadth of remarkable colors: dazzling white and iridescent, dripping and melting in liquid colors of gold and violet, streaked with turquoise and brilliant cerulean; ice is not only white.

Ice displays a startling array of form and texture, at times it appears to be molded of plastic, glowing as a forcefully poured surface, or clear as looking glass, hammered or undulating so that it reflects a rainbow of colors.

Ice sometimes seems to take on a life of its own, the shapes familiar.  Here:

A Whale,

A Bear,

A Bird,

And maybe even The Sphinx!

Perhaps, ice is not just randomly melting, but like most of nature is self-constructing.

The ice caps range from 10,000 years at their youngest to more than 40 million years old. The crystal clear icebergs above are said to be at least a million years old.  Locked inside these ice sculptures is pristine water from our ancient past ~ imagine what secrets it may hold and the potentials:

One good sized iceberg could provide clean drinking water to a million people for five years.

What lies ahead for the planet as the march of time and humanity melt and entire islands of ice that have been frozen for millenniums return to their liquid form?

It is our own choices and our relationship with nature itself that will, in time, tell us.

Just as icebergs can represent a danger, navigation thru the pitfalls they pose is possible with the right preparation and actions.That’s why Health In Harmony and their partner ASRI’s unique approach to health and planetary health is so essential to support.  Act now!

Please help raise critical funds - vital to our third replication site - by visiting our gift shop to purchase the prints above.  You will receive an exceptionally high quality aluminum print by Laumont Editions, one of the world’s top print production houses.

There is an exceptional quality to these frozen far-away worlds - their magnificence and diversity is unique and to be treasured - and yet their very existence is tied inextricably with what happens far across the sea at Health In Harmony and their partner ASRI's sites in the rain forests of Borneo.

Bring the beauty of Icebergs into your home - surely it will prompt a conversation about how your support of Health In Harmony and their partner ASRI’s innovation in the rain forests of Indonesia affects the polar ice caps - and how it will allow us to continue to save lives,  and our Earth.

Please visit the gift shop today, and a portion of your purchase will go directly to protecting the rain forest and human health in Borneo.



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