Chainsaw Buyback: Saving Old Growth Trees

New calculations show that Chainsaw Buyback has saved over 15,000 old growth trees since the project began in 2017.  

Former logger Pak Emus | Photo: Oka Nuralia, ASRI

Pak Emus was eager to sign the contact: with a swipe of his pen, he officially joined almost 100 other loggers as a Chainsaw Buyback participant. Before joining the program, he would log 1-3 times each week, partly to pay for his family's medical needs. Now, not only can he pay for healthcare with reforestation supplies (like seedlings) but he will also receive training and mentoring to become an entrepreneur. He is changing his life for the better and helping protect the rain forest - at the same time.

In just 2 years, Chainsaw Buyback Has Saved Over 15,000 trees

Chainsaw Buyback is just what it sounds like: in exchange for seed money and training to start a new business, loggers "sell" us their old chainsaw and agree to stop logging. Former loggers have gone on to sustainable alternative livelihoods like organic farming and aquaculture.

Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI) volunteer Nina Finley calculated 15,305 old growth trees have been saved so far. Finley, "calculated the total number of days each chainsaw has been out of circulation...and multiplied by the number of trees cut per chainsaw per week (5.3) to find that a total of 15,305 old-growth trees have been left standing in just the two years since the program started!"

What's even more amazing about this is that the number of trees saved will keep growing as the chainsaws stay out of circulation permanently. "This number will rise every day by 34 trees," Finley told us - and the rise will continue by an even greater number with each chainsaw that we acquire.

Chainsaw Buyback Program Coordinator Agus Naviato with some of the chainsaws purchased so far

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