Meet Pak Didin

Pak Didin is originally from West Java, where he worked as a farmer. He moved to Sukadana 16 years ago after receiving an offer from his cousin to come and farm his land. Coming to Sukadana improved his economic situation and helped him support his family – he has a wife and three boys ages 24, 19, and 12. Learn more about his experience at ASRI in this interview conducted by Shayma Shamo.

Pak Didin and seedlings

Why did you come to ASRI Clinic?

“I came because I can pay the easy way – either by giving seedlings or manure, or working for the Clinic’s organic farm. I also enjoy the services at ASRI. The clinic provides good service and their doors are open 24/7. They are one of the best.”

How do you pay for services at ASRI?

“I always pay using their special payment programs. I used to pay using manure but I sold my cows and now I pay using seedlings. I mainly pay using durian and jackfruit seedlings that I grow. There are two fruit seasons where growing seedlings is good. However, it is not a problem because if the seedlings have not grown or I don’t have seedlings yet, I can tell ASRI to wait for the next fruit season to make my payment.”

Has ASRI changed the community?

“Before ASRI there was a lot of unemployment, now many people are employed thanks to the projects ASRI has implemented. ASRI has helped the community and the forest around the community.”

What was ASRI like at the beginning?

“When ASRI first opened its doors, there were agreements and disagreements. However, they kept an open mind, which allowed ASRI to grow. Time after time ASRI continued to prove itself to be helpful and beneficial to the community. It not only helped the community with its healthcare, but also with its programs. These programs have helped the forest and youth employment in the area.”

Would you recommend ASRI to others?

“Yes, I already recommend ASRI to my friends and acquaintances. I let them know about the payment program and the different programs ASRI offers.”

Is there anything like ASRI where you are from – West Java?

“No but the area would benefit from an initiative like ASRI.”

Is there anything else you would like to share?

“Thank you to ASRI for helping me and my family, not only with healthcare, but also helping my son get a scholarship to study optometry in Jakarta for three years. I hope that ASRI will grow more and provide more opportunities for youth to succeed.”

Pak Didin and his son, Rusli
Pak Didin and his son, Rusli, who received a scholarship to study optometry in Jakarta.

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