A Day in the Life: ASRI Kids

At ASRI, we aim to educate, as well as heal. One of our programs, ASRI Kids, is an afterschool opportunity for local children to learn more about health and conservation, and how the two concepts are interconnected. One of our interns, Echa, writes from Indonesia to share about the day-to-day experiences of a child attending ASRI Kids.

“Mbak Etty, today I bought drinking water in a tumbler.”

“Mbak Etty, yesterday I bought a drink without a plastic straw.”

“Mbak Etty, yesterday I went shopping using a reusable shopping bag.”

— Students from ASRI Kids

These are some of the things Mbak Etty, our Planetary Health Education Manager, hears from students in the ASRI Kids class. Students learn to recognize the importance of protecting the environment and how doing so also has a positive impact on human health. The class is taught through songs and viewing photos and videos related to the concepts being taught each day.

At the end of each lesson, Mbak Etty holds a quiz. Students raise their hands eagerly to answer the questions. Every student who answers correctly gets to choose a random gift from a bag. Recently, one student was excited to receive a metal straw as a prize!

One day, if you have the opportunity to visit the ASRI Kids program, don’t be surprised when you get there. You will see kids running around shouting Mbak Etty’s name happily. After settling down, they help her unload the teaching materials she brought with her from the car. Seeing their delighted faces and high spirits is an absolute joy.

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