The Last Day: ASRI Kids

A group of students in the ASRI Kids program recently celebrated their last of thirteen classes – with a final exam! They were asked to find the island they call home on a map, to identify photos of wildlife in the rainforest, to pick nutritious foods found in their village, to list items that are recyclable or compostable, and more. 

After completing their exam, they shared their answers aloud. Then, they turned in their homework based on a field trip to Gunung Palung National Park. A few weeks back, they took a small bus to the park – some got to school as early as 5:30 am, so excited for the journey that they couldn’t sleep! 

Before saying goodbye to teacher Etty, they received a small gift – a reusable tote shaped like a delicious strawberry – to commemorate their lessons and remind them to reduce their use of plastics!

Students wait for Etty to return their homework assignments.
Etty reveals that the small strawberry unfolds into a reusable bag.
Students show off their new, reusable bags!

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