What inspired you to join the Ironwoods?

In honor of Earth Month, we celebrated the monthly Ironwood donors who sustain our work for rainforest communities and the planet. Ironwoods, named for the strongest tree in Borneo, are a bright and reliable force, in good times and bad. Their monthly gifts help us respond quickly and creatively to new challenges like the pandemic we face today. To our 200+ Ironwoods, thank you for your ongoing support. A special thank you to Karl Robinson, Jan O’Brien, and Jan Malmberg for sharing their Ironwood stories below!

Karl robinson


My daughter, Christina Robinson, has been a good friend of Kinari for a long time, so I have followed her exploits over time and am in awe of her dedication and selflessness. It was not a difficult decision several years ago to financially support her efforts which I will continue to do as long as I’m still kickin’!

Jan O’brien

Ironwood since 2017

Loving Health In Harmony is a family affair. My daughter discovered HIH while in college and shared her excitement with us. She and I joined a Journey to Borneo trip together in 2014. Everything we’d heard about ASRI and the rainforest was true – the people were engaging and dedicated to positive change. We even saw some orangutans after a long boat ride into the forest. Orangutans are certainly fascinating and deserve a future. Need I say, I’ve been a dedicated Ironwood ever since.

Jan malmberg


My name is Jan, and I’m from Sweden. Since I was a little kid I have been interested in nature, in the environment, and in conservation. I have always been in nature with my family, on our archipelago, especially. In school, I read about the logging of the rainforest and, in my own nature, about the seals that were gone like almost all top predators. For me, the saddest was the loss of the seals and the sea eagles. This was in the seventies.

Four years ago, I went home after work and started making dinner. I put on the radio. After a minute I stopped cooking and only paid attention to the radio. It was an interview with Dr. Kinari Webb, who described the idea for Health In Harmony and Alam Sehat Lestari. For me, it was the best idea I had ever heard in my life! Finally someone who figured it out, how we could successfully stop the illegal logging of the rainforest! It was the first time I heard someone who saw the whole picture: Why do they cut down the forest? What do loggers think, how can we involve them and let them be part of the solution? I’m impressed by the way ASRI works with the whole chain.

Nancy Iannarone

Ironwood since 2017

I joined the Health In Harmony Board in the summer of 2016. I then was able to go on the Journey to Borneo trip in July of 2018. Financially, the trip was possible because of a donation by a long time donor and supporter of Health In Harmony, Paulette Licht.

After my visit to ASRI, I was inspired to become an Ironwood. It is one thing to hear of the wonderful work that is going on in Sukadana, Borneo, but to see it and to interact with ASRI staff and members of the community, well that is something completely different! It is not a polished, perfect situation, it is real life with ups and downs, but I saw profound and lasting results like quality healthcare, sustainable livelihoods, and an expanding rainforest. Then, to know all of these things are also improving my quality of life at home, on the other side of the planet. How could I not want to support this organization?

I also know that my donations are helping to replicate this model in Indonesia, in other biodiverse rainforests, and the communities that protect them.

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