50 Reasons to Become an Ironwood

To reflect on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and Earth Month, Health In Harmony is celebrating our Ironwood donors; supporters who have chosen to give monthly. These monthly gifts sustain our healthcare and conservation programs in good times and bad, and they help rainforest communities respond quickly and creatively to crises like the pandemic we face today. This is why we named them after the strongest trees in the Bornean rainforest!

Health In Harmony is incredibly grateful for our Ironwood donors. To learn more about who Ironwoods are and all they make possible, read on. To join this impressive collective, please visit our donate page and select the monthly donation option.

Ironwoods Are

1. The strongest trees in the rainforests of Borneo.

2. Our strongest supporters, year after year.

3. A collective that believes in indigenous wisdom and women’s leadership.

4. A collective that believes in the power of listening.

5. A collective that shares a love of people, rainforests, and the planet.

6. Saving lives around the world with affordable, high-quality healthcare.

7. Promoting non-cash payment options for healthcare, like seedlings and handicrafts.

8. Increasing access to healthcare in the most remote rainforest communities through mobile clinics.

9. Ensuring prospective mothers have healthy babies through midwifery care.

10. Offering free immunizations for infants in partnership with local government.

11. Reducing cases of drug-resistant tuberculosis through monitoring by community healthcare workers.

12. Building the capacity of Indonesian medical professionals through education and exchange.

13. Educating youth year-round on hand-washing and other hygiene practices.

14. Providing free eyeglasses and scholarships for youth to study optometry.

15. Supporting Forest Guardians who monitor illegal logging in their communities, and help their neighbors make a just transition.

16. Helping former loggers put down their chainsaws for good and start new, sustainable businesses.

17. Offering mentorship and micro-loans to new business owners to ensure their ventures thrive.

18. Training former loggers in sustainable agriculture to prevent slash-and-burn and the use of harsh and expensive chemicals.

19. Buying goats for widows – some of the most vulnerable members of rainforest communities – so they can earn a sustainable income.

20. Helping veterinary professionals around the world exchange knowledge of ethical animal husbandry with rainforest families.

21. Improving nutrition and access to healthy vegetables by training families in organic farming and kitchen gardens.

22. Using agroforestry to turn gardens back into diverse rainforests.

23. Planting seedlings patients use to pay for healthcare at multiple reforestation sites.

24. Ensuring at least 80% of the seedlings planted survive thanks to proper care.

25. Hiring former loggers and women to manage reforestation sites.

26. Replanting rainforest species that are particularly adept at storing carbon dioxide.

27. Protecting some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

28. Slowing climate change by expanding rainforests.

29. Restoring habitats for Bornean orangutans, which are critically endangered.

30. Giving beautiful and elusive cloud leopards a safe home.

31. Giving macaques a chance to survive, instead of being hunted for meat or kept as pets.

32. Protecting lemurs that only live in Madagascar, all of which are threatened.

33. Elevating planetary health solutions in rainforest communities and around the world.

34. Creating opportunities for medical professionals, environmental scientists, and others to study planetary health in action.

35. Amplifying the voices of the next generation of planet healers through ASRI Kids and ASRI Teens.

36. Building resilient communities, economies, and ecosystems for generations to come.

37. Thanking rainforest communities for their guardianship and service to the entire planet.

38. A bright and reliable force during times of crisis.

39. A critical source of funding when unexpected economic hardships arise.

40. Key drivers of public health education outreach at both local and national levels.

41. Giving rainforest communities the confidence they need to ramp up medical and conservation efforts, without worry or hesitation.

42. People who believe in collective action.

43. People who believe in doing their part.

44. So appreciated in good times, and bad.

45. Always making a difference because they give monthly.

46. Savvy for saving time and attention with automatic gifts.

47. Making an affordable monthly contribution that adds up to a big impact.

48. Right to invest in a model that is holistic and proven to work.

49. Helping scale our model in new rainforests, like the Amazon in Brazil.

50. Ready to create a healthier, more sustainable world.

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