Father’s Day Q&A with Victorien, Madagascar Program Coordinator

This Father’s Day, we would like to celebrate our Madagascar Program Coordinator, and father-of-three, Victorien Sylvere. Happy Father’s Day!

Tell us a little about your family.

My family is made up of five wonderful people: my three boys, my wife, and myself. Two of my boys study at a Catholic school, and my third son is studying in a French course. We are mostly together on Sundays, and we enjoy riding bikes, going to restaurants, and walking by the seaside.

Once a month, I cook for my family, which makes all of them really happy, as the meal is different to what we usually eat.

It bothers me when I can’t afford my family’s needs because it reminds me of a hard period when I had difficulties making a living. Now, I try my best to help my family live a better life. I work hard to provide for my children, so they will have a strong school background to make the future easier. I teach them to love and respect the environment.

What inspired you to join the Health In Harmony team?

I joined Health In Harmony for four reasons:

  • I love observing and taking care of the environment and its ecosystems.
  • I believe that the best way to protect the environment is working together with the community living in and around the forest.
  • I need a stable job to create a better future for my family and me.
  • I am inspired by the unique approach of Health In Harmony. I want to be personally involved in the development of my region and in the protection of ecosystems.

In what ways do you want to set (or be) an example for your children?

I want to be a man who respects the environment and promotes sustainable development for my children.

How do you want to make the world better for your children?

  • Taking care of the existing ecosystems
  • Using ecological and sustainable techniques in agriculture
  • Planting trees that will be used by our descendants
  • Using renewable energies for personal use
  • Educating and showing children how important protecting the environment is for the future of humanity

How do you and your children have fun together?

We don’t have much time to spend together, but for the small time we do have, we enjoy riding bikes and walking by the seaside. I also teach my children basic techniques of gardening and chicken farming. I bring them to the field to show them my job from time to time as well.

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