Protecting the Earth starts at home

Do you have an updated, legal will in place to protect your loved ones? If you do, have you included a legacy gift to support your favorite cause? If your answer to either question is no, you’re not alone. Nearly half of all Americans over the age of 55 do not have a will, according to Forbes, and the number of people with an up-to-date will is even smaller.

Why does this matter to Health In Harmony?

First, we believe in protecting the planet today to build a healthier world tomorrow, and if every person committed to that vision sets aside the time to create a will, we can build a better future. Second, Health In Harmony is dedicated to making critical resources accessible to all, so we want to share a free online resource that makes estate planning easy and accessible to all of our supporters.

Why does writing your will matter?

Many people put off writing a will because they don’t know where to start. Creating a will can seem scary, complicated, and expensive. Here are some other common estate planning pitfalls that keep people from completing this essential legal task:

  1. I don’t have “an estate” – You don’t need to own a huge property to have an estate plan. It’s important to have a plan for little details, like who might take care of a pet, or who you want to take your furniture.
  2. I’m too young to make a will – Actually, whether you’re eighteen or eighty, a will is an incredible expression of values for the people and causes you love, and you don’t want to be stuck without one.
  3. But how can my will help create a healthier world? – Including a gift in your will for an organization you love is the best way to ensure the causes you care about most are addressed for generations to come. Your planned gift is your commitment – without paying anything today.
A family near Gunung Palung National Park learns about organic farming, specifically kitchen gardens. Photo by Arvian Heidir.

Creating a healthy planet begins at home, with our own loved ones and our own backyards. Creating your will is an essential step that we all need to take to responsibly protect the people that we love. And, if you decide to plan a gift, it can also be an incredibly powerful vehicle for protecting rainforests.

As a result of our partnership with FreeWill, Health In Harmony is proud to offer an online tool that can help you with both: an online will-writing tool. The benefits of creating your will through this resource are:

  1. It’s legally valid in all 50 states
  2. It takes less than 20 minutes to use
  3. It gives you the option to easily support organizations you love
  4. It’s 100% free!

This tool centers on a principle that we hold dear: building a better world tomorrow means fiercely protecting what we have today. Take 20 minutes to show up for your loved ones and for the causes that you care about most in the world, for years to come.

Get started on your free will today.

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