Greenprints: Sam Jennings, @littlegreenlives

In the first of our Greenprints series, Health In Harmony interviewed Sam Jennings, creator of Little Green Lives! Read on to learn more about her work in the environmentalist field, focused on reducing her family’s environmental impact.

How did you get interested in environmental work?

Five years ago, while living in Toronto, I read a book by Bea Johnson, called Zero Waste Home. As a mama of two with a baby on the way, I was intrigued and inspired by the idea that we could minimize the environmental impact of our family life.

From striving to go plastic-free, to riding our bikes around the city, veganism, and supporting local farmers, we had started on a journey to self-sufficiency, sustainability, and living close to the land.

I soon began sharing our passion and commitment by starting a blog called littlegreenlives in an effort to help other families try to reduce their environmental impact.

When Jonathan, [Sam’s husband], started with Health In Harmony in 2017, our family’s commitment to environmentalism deepened further.

Why is taking care of the planet important to you?

I have been blessed to travel the world extensively as a practicing midwife. I’ve delivered babies and been immersed in the rich cultures of India, Africa, Europe, and and Australasia. I want to protect the planet and its people from the consequences of climate change.

I have four children whom the Earth will inherit. Thus, I want to help preserve and protect it for them, and in so doing, teach and inspire them to be guardians of nature.

“Nature will take care of them if they take care of her.”

I don’t want their health, happiness and futures compromised by the irreversible consequences of global heating. I believe protecting ecosystem integrity, and knowing our humble place inside ecosystems, is key for the survival of the planet.

Where do you see and feel the interconnection of people and the planet?

As a long-time humanitarian (prior to kiddies, I worked for M├ędecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders as a midwife), I have been passionate about ensuring human rights, including access to affordable healthcare.

Through Health In Harmony’s work, I now see the connection between human health and the health of the planet, and how they both can be, and must be, nurtured and protected in unison.

Where is your favorite place in the environment?

I have witnessed incredible natural beauty during my work across the world and have been blessed to experience many incredible wildlife encounters. These include swimming with whale sharks, camping on the savannas in Africa with giraffes and elephants, and hiking to see Silverback Gorillas in the Ugandan/Congolese border mountains.

I have hiked some beautiful trails and sailed across crystal blue waters, but now my favorite place is our little homestead. This is where we strive to create a productive and native ecosystem, by using permaculture, creating a food forest, growing an organic veggie garden, bee-keeping, and being the guardians of a tiny forest.

I love watching wildflowers grow, the new growth in spring, harvests of organic veggies, spending time with our animals, and watching bees laden in pollen returning to their hives.

“Natural beauty is everywhere, you just need to have an open mind and heart.”

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