Do Summer Differently: Take Action

This summer, we invite you to take action.

This summer is different for all of us. Vacations and family gatherings may not be the same due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s okay to miss the things we can’t do right now, but there are still important things we can do for people, forests, and the planet.


Take Action by reducing, then offsetting your carbon footprint (features a man planting seedlings in Indonesia as a part of offsetting one's carbon).

Carbon emissions dropped by an incredible 17% this spring. Despite a surge this summer, we have momentum. Let’s go further by lessening our footprints and offsetting when we must emit. Offset with Health In Harmony to plant biodiverse seedlings, while investing in women’s leadership, sustainable jobs, and a livable planet.

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- Use our carbon calculator to measure your footprint.
- Reduce your carbon, using this handy checklist.
- Offset your carbon!

Write a will to ensure a Bright Future for all.

Take Action by writing a will to ensure a bright future for all (features three young students).

Only 30% of adults in the U.S. have a will. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and the planet by writing your will online today. Through FreeWill, Health In Harmony supporters in the U.S. can write a legally-binding will in just 20 minutes, for free. Having a will ensures that you leave a legacy for the people and places you care about most, for years to come.

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Talk to your loved ones about the causes you care about most.
Write your will today with FreeWill and Health In Harmony.

Donate to make an immediate Impact.

Take Action by donating to make an immediate impact (features an orangutan because you can help protect their home).

The COVID-19 pandemic is still a major threat to rainforest communities, and all who benefit from their guardianship. By donating to Health In Harmony, you can ensure former loggers do not return to the rainforest for quick cash, new moms access healthcare for themselves and their infants, orangutan habitat is protected, and so much more.

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Learn more about the impact of our programs.
Donate to Health In Harmony.
Become an Ironwood by giving monthly.

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