Meet a New Member of the Madagascar Team: Nelly!

Health In Harmony recently hired a new member of the Madagascar healthcare team: Nelly Ranjemiarisoa! She is working as our Community Liaison. Nelly will be supporting our mobile clinics by managing communications between Health In Harmony and the communities we work with in Manombo. Read her full interview below.

We hope you enjoy learning about Nelly as much as we have!

Photo of Nelly Ranjemiarisoa, a new member of the team in Madagascar: a woman dressed in a red shirt with white patterns, and a colorful skirt.

Tell us about yourself.

I am 46 years old and have three children: two boys and one girl. I’m a single mom and have lived alone in Manombo since 2007.

Tell us your story and about your background in medicine.

In the past, I used to be a teacher, but I left the profession quickly. I decided to move into the Commune of Tovona and work as a secretary. Later, I started working as a servant in the CSB (Community Healthcare Post) of Etrotroka. Finally, I came to Manombo and became an AC (health worker), where I started focusing specifically on treating mothers and pregnant women.

I have worked as a health worker for several years now and treated a lot of patients. Thus, I am convinced that it is my destiny, and I am really happy to do and live it every day.

What does planetary health mean to you?

I believe that development is related to a healthy body. Also, health is the main richness in the world for community and the environment. In addition, we can’t search for an alternative livelihood when we are sick.

Why did you decide to join the Health In Harmony Madagascar team?

We, the community of Manombo, are very far from any healthcare center.

There are two main reasons that convinced me to work with the Health In Harmony program:

  • Health In Harmony has the goal to improve healthcare and the daily lives of communities living around the protected forest. This is accomplished through providing healthcare and improving the incomes of this community made up of 31 villages.
  • Health In Harmony provides healthcare that is close to the community, so it fits with my roles as a health worker.

If I compare the different projects I’ve worked on, I see a positive difference in the way of working and the quality of work done by Health In Harmony up until now. It also offers a longer term solution.

I see that Health In Harmony is working in the right way, and I have good teammates who really care about the community.

Flora and fauna conservation is also really important for me. As a mother, and head of the family, I have to think of the future for my descendants and be a good example for them.

We are so grateful to have Nelly as a member of the Madagascar team!

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