ASRI Teens’ Impact on Environmental Health

Selvi Vebbiani joined ASRI Teens in 2016, when she was eleven years old. She reflects on how ASRI Teens classes have impacted her view of environmental health. Selvi also discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her and her community.

Read on to learn more about how ASRI Teens has made a difference in Selvi’s life and taught her about the importance of environmental health!

Selvi admiring the forest reflecting on how ASRI Teens has taught her about the importance of environmental health.

Tell us about your experience with ASRI Teens.

My favorite topic in class is the 4R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot/Compost) taught by Mbak Etty. She made us aware of the environmental impact we have on the planet, so we know how to act better. She explained that the way to help solve environmental problems is to limit the amount of waste and buy products with less packaging. We should also use something multiple times rather than throw it away.

Mbak Etty also encouraged us to implement recycling habits into our daily lives. Making a compost bin to turn our kitchen scraps into compost also helps solve environmental problems.

How has ASRI Teens impacted your life and your view of environmental health?

ASRI Teens class has influenced my life and habits a lot. I also learned a lot about planetary health. I realize now that environmental health is important for both humans and animals.

Selvi presenting at an ASRI Teens class related to environmental health.
Selvi presenting in an ASRI Teens class

Before I joined ASRI Teens, I often littered, used plastic bags, and bought drinks with single-use plastic cups. After I studied at ASRI Teens with Mbak Etty about the harmful effects of waste, I feel really guilty that used so much plastic in the past, which affects us (humans), animals, and plants.

So, I decided to take actions to help the environment including not littering, using grocery bags, using re-usable cups and water bottles when buying drinks, and not using plastic straws.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted you?

At the beginning of the pandemic, someone living near my house was infected with COVID-19. I felt sad and scared that I got infected too. The pandemic is very difficult for me because I cannot leave the house as often as I used to, and many activities have been cancelled, including ASRI Teens classes. Classes for school have to be done online. However, I am glad because nature has become cleaner, and there is less pollution.

I think this pandemic teaches me an important lesson that we must always maintain our own health and hygiene, not only for ourselves, but also for others. Lastly, I hope that COVID-19 will disappear quickly, so people can return to their normal activities. Hopefully the Indonesian economy will run better too.

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