A new way to protect the Amazon: COVID vaccines – HIH’s Grist Feature!

The article written by Adam Mahoney details how COVID-19 vaccinations help to protect the Amazon Rainforest:

“Health care and access to healthcare have been deliberately weaponized in forest communities where it’s just inaccessible. And in Brazil, there is a direct tie between lack of access to health care and deforestation, so by helping to uplift community health we can also combat this environmental injustice.”

Ashley Emerson, HIH Program Director

Dr. Érika Pellegrino, a Brazil program coordinator for HIH and participant in the expedition emphasized that the program’s success was dependent on a lot more than just having the ability to vaccinate people and offer health care.

“We couldn’t just go in and assume we knew what people needed and wanted. We had to listen.”

Dr. Érika Pellegrino, HIH Brazil Medical Coordinator

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As always, a huge thank you goes to the partners without whom this vaccination expedition would not have been possible. These partners include: Riverine community associations (AMORERI / AMORA / AMOMEX / AERIM), Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), ICMBio (Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation), the Federal University of Pará’s School of Medicine, the Respira Xingu campaign, the Municipal Health Department, and the Department of Public Health / the government of Pará.

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