World Health Organization features HIH as a model to address climate change!

Today, the World Health Organization featured HIH Madagascar’s work as a model to address climate change and health.

Since October 2020, when the program began in Manombo, HIH Madagascar has:

  • Conducted over 8,000 mobile clinic consultations
  • Trained 2,000 community members in organic farming and rice cultivation techniques
  • Built 9 seedling nurseries to hold over 45,000 seedlings
  • Reforested 10 hectares inside the reserve
  • Hired 62 Forest Guardians from the communities to monitor forest degradation
  • Supported infrastructure for 10 out of 13 schools in the region

Nelly Ranjemiarisoa, HIH Madagascar’s Community Liaison and Health Worker describes the impact of HIH’s planetary health work best:

“If I compare the different projects I’ve worked on, I see a positive difference in the way of working and the quality of work done by Health In Harmony up until now. It also offers a longer term solution.”

Nelly Ranjemiarisoa

Read the full story via the World Health Organization today!

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