HIH at COP26

COP26, the 2021 United Nations Climate Conference, starts next week in Glasgow, Scotland! As one of the winners of the 2020 United Nations Global Climate Action Awards, HIH will be present in the Blue Zone.

Check out our recent updates, direct from Glasgow!

Why is COP26 important?

Leaders from around the world will come together at COP26 to create the climate policy that will decide whether the human race can continue to live on a habitable Earth. We have less than 10 years to halve global Carbon Dioxide emissions, and we must be fully carbon neutral by 2050 (less than 30 years away).

If we don’t meet these goals in this timeframe, the planet will cross a tipping point where reversing the effects of climate change will be near impossible.

What are we doing at COP26?

HIH will be advocating for the voices of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) to drive this climate policy.

We are sponsoring Brazilian IPLC climate activist, Juma Xipaia, to attend COP26 with us, to ensure another individual from the Amazon Rainforest is present to make her voice heard.

Indigenous Peoples make up just 5% of the world’s population, yet they manage 25% of the Earth’s land and support 80% of the Earth’s biodiversity.

Support our work at COP26

If you are attending, please come and meet us! We’ll be present at and hosting several events throughout the two weeks of the conference.

Not attending? That’s okay! Some events will be publicly livestreamed, so anyone can join.

Learn more about our upcoming events and register today!

Update: Monday, November 8

HIH hosted our Action Hub event, Voices of Rainforest Communities Practicing Planetary Health, through UNFCCC, as one of the winners of the 2020 UN Global Climate Action Awards. Watch the recording here!

Left to right: Ashley Emerson, Juma Xipaia, Marcelo Salazar, Jonathan Jennings

This event included an introduction by HIH Chief Development Officer Devika Gopal Agge, the World Premiere of the Planet Protectors series, and a panel discussion with Indigenous Chief and Climate Activist Juma Xipaia, HIH Brazil Executive Coordinator Marcelo Salazar, HIH Executive Director Jonathan Jennings, and HIH Programs and Research Officer Ashley Emerson.

“If the communities had been consulted in the first place, we would not be in the climate crisis now.”

Juma Xipaia
Juma Xipaia, the Middle Xingu’s first female Indigenous Chief

Update: Friday, November 5

The HIH team attended the climate march in the streets of Glasgow, Scotland today with an estimated 25,000 others, including youth climate activists such as Leah Thomas (Intersectional Environmentalist) and Greta Thunberg, to demand action from global leaders taking part in COP26.

Below, Nina Finley, HIH Research Manager, describes what HIH is advocating for at COP26: Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ voices to be in the driver’s seat of global climate policy:

Update: Wednesday, november 3

HIH arrives at COP26!!

Indigenous Leaders from the Amazon Rainforest, including Juma Xipaia, Marcelo Salazar (HIH Brazil Executive Coordinator), and Devika Gopal Agge (HIH Chief Development Officer) at COP26

HIH events & Registration

UK Africa Partnerships for Climate Action

Saturday, November 6 @6pm GMT / 11am PT
Join HIH Chief Development Officer, Devika Gopal Agge, speaking alongside leading UK and African experts from the worlds of government, higher education, industry, and intergovernmental bodies. They will be discussing how to deliver on the goals of COP26 in the UK and COP27 in Africa through developing green industries, skills, and jobs.

Watch the recording here!

Voices of Rainforest Communities Practicing Planetary Health

Monday, November 8 @4pm GMT
The World Premiere of HIH’s Planet Protectors film series, spotlighting individuals living at the tipping point of climate change in rainforests across the planet. Watch the teaser below!

Watch the replay of the livestreamed event!

Special Event for 2020 Winners

Tuesday, November 9 @3pm GMT
Health In Harmony presents its innovative climate solution to the world as one of the 2020 winners of the UN Global Climate Action Award. As COP26 was postponed last year, this is the first opportunity for the 2020 winners to bring their solutions to a global audience in-person.

Climate Change and Pandemics: Two Crises, One Nature-Based Solution – Livestream

Tuesday, November 9 @6pm GMT
There is a fundamental link between the parallel crises currently facing the world: climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. Each is driven by human encroachment on the natural world. But a common cause opens the way to a common, cost effective, solution. Leaders from governments, international organizations, and Indigenous communities will come together to discuss the urgent need to protect tropical forests and biodiversity and invest in more sustainable agriculture, to help mitigate climate change whilst also helping prevent future pandemics at their source – the point of spillover of new viruses from wildlife into humans.

List of speakers includes:

  • Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, CEO and Chairperson, Global Environment Facility (Co-Host)
  • Professor Lee White, Gabon’s Minister of Forests, Oceans, Environment and Climate Change (Co-Host)
  • Dr. Nigel Sizer, Preventing Pandemics at the Source Coalition Executive Director (Co-Host)
  •  H.E. Per Olsson Fridh, Minister for International Development Cooperation
  • Juma Xipaia, Xipaya Community Leader, Brazil
  • Nonette Royo, Head of the Tenure Facility
  • Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Coordinator of the Association of Peul Women and Autochthonous Peoples of Chad

This event will be livestreamed – learn more and register for the free event here!

Voices for the Amazon!

Wednesday, November 10 @6pm GMT
The New York Times is hosting this hub event, featuring climate activists from Brazil, including Juma Xipaia and HIH Executive Coordinator, Marcelo Salazar.

Stay tuned for more cop26 updates – we’ll be updating this page frequently during the conference!

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