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Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest communities are being vaccinated against COVID-19! This expedition was designed and conducted with Health In Harmony’s partner organizations in Terra do Meio. We’ve partnered with Riverine community associations (AMORERI / AMORA / AMOMEX / AERIM), Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), ICMBio (Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation), the Federal … Read More

Forest loss and deforestation compounding crises in Madagascar

The Emergency An unrelenting drought in southern Madagascar is forcing hundreds of thousands of people to the brink of famine. Over 1.1 million people are in high acute food insecurity (IPC Phase 3 or above) due to insufficient rainfall, rising food prices and sandstorms. A sustained deterioration in food insecurity is … Read More

With your support, we’re raising funds for Madagascar!

Madagascar is a unique island nation that gives us a glimpse of the devastating effects of the climate crisis due to the loss of its rainforests. And forest loss is only accelerating. Since 1960, Madagascar has lost almost half of its forests. In fact, it’s estimated that only 10% of the nation’s original forests remain intact. And forest loss continues to accelerate – losing about 1-2% of its remaining forests per year.

Our Global Impact in 2020

2020 saw COVID-19 and global disasters bring awareness to the rippling effects of the climate crisis and its interconnection to human health. Amid these crises, Health In Harmony gained traction as a clear solution to climate change. With our unique approach of regenerating rainforests by listening to communities, we are … Read More

We’re on Fast Company’s List!

Our work was recognized in Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards!! We received an honorable mention in three categories: General Excellence Pandemic Response Health It’s because of the rainforest communities and our supporters that this world changing work is happening. Join us in celebrating this fantastic moment! Want to … Read More

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