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Our Global Impact in 2020

2020 saw COVID-19 and global disasters bring awareness to the rippling effects of the climate crisis and its interconnection to human health. Amid these crises, Health In Harmony gained traction as a clear solution to climate change. With our unique approach of regenerating rainforests by listening to communities, we are … Read More

We’re on Fast Company’s List!

Our work was recognized in Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards!! We received an honorable mention in three categories: General Excellence Pandemic Response Health It’s because of the rainforest communities and our supporters that this world changing work is happening. Join us in celebrating this fantastic moment! Want to … Read More

Health Expedition in the Amazon

In late September, a team of Health In Harmony and Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) staff, and four medical professionals from the Federal University of Para made a health expedition to the Xingu. They visited two Resexes (communities): Riozinho do Anfrísio and Rio Iriri – home to very remote Indigenous and Traditional … Read More

Midwife Vini’s Emergency Breech Delivery

This story of hope and perseverance comes from Midwife Vini, one of the midwives working with communities in Bukit Baka Bukit Raya. Mrs. S, 37 years old, was pregnant with her third child. At her last pregnancy check up, Midwife Vini advised the mother to deliver at the Local Community … Read More

ASRI Teens’ Impact on Environmental Health

Selvi Vebbiani joined ASRI Teens in 2016, when she was eleven years old. She reflects on how ASRI Teens classes have impacted her view of environmental health. Selvi also discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her and her community. Read on to learn more about how ASRI Teens has … Read More

GreenPrints: Belai, Indonesian Environmental Activist

We had the opportunity to interview Laetania Belai Djandam, a 19-year-old Indonesian Environmental Activist. She volunteered at Alam Sehat Lestari at the beginning of this year. Read on to learn more about Belai and her journey! Tell us a bit about your story. My name is Laetania Belai Djandam, and … Read More

Image of a man from a Xingu River Basin community during the health expedition.

New Partnerships and Programs in Brazil!

Health In Harmony is launching a new partnership and programs to protect a vital portion of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil – home to 33 million people and one fifth of the world’s biodiversity. In 2019, Health In Harmony assessed four sites across the Amazon. After months of research and … Read More

Sarah and Daniel talking with a community member in Suriname.

GreenPrints: Protecting Indigenous Rights in Suriname

We had the opportunity to interview Sarah Augustine, the co-founder of Suriname Indigenous Health Fund, who works to protect the human rights of Indigenous Peoples in Suriname. Health In Harmony is inspired by her organization’s work to uphold the rights of local communities in order to protect their home and … Read More

Meet a New Member of the Madagascar Team: Nelly!

Health In Harmony recently hired a new member of the Madagascar healthcare team: Nelly Ranjemiarisoa! She is working as our Community Liaison. Nelly will be supporting our mobile clinics by managing communications between Health In Harmony and the communities we work with in Manombo. Read her full interview below. We … Read More

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