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organic farmer in field near Gunung Palung National Park

3 Hidden Dangers of Slash-and-Burn Farming Techniques

Slash and Burn farming techniques are known for their destructive qualities, but rainforest conservationists are finding more dangers that threaten the health of this fragile environment. In Indonesia, some farming takes place in areas that have been cleared by slash and burn practices. This technique involves cutting trees and vegetation … Read More

Ibu Hamisah

Sometimes All You Need Is a Pair of Ducks

Sometimes you start things but you have no idea where they will go. That is what happened when we hired Ibu Hamisah to be one of our village health workers six years ago. She was a shy woman from a village about half an hour away from our clinic who … Read More

Re-greening Laman Satong: Life in the Least Expected Places

It’s the end of the rainy season here in West Kalimantan, and the hundreds of newly planted seedlings in the village of Laman Satong are soaking up the last few rainstorms before their upcoming battles with drought and weeds during the dry season. This batch of seedlings is being helped … Read More

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