Consulting in the Field

Grounded in Radical listening, our consulting practice can have a transformative impact on your international development program, conservation initiative, or Corporate Social Responsibility plan. That's because radical listening is more than communication. It's a unique approach to community engagement that generates win-win solutions. And that makes all the difference.

Through radical listening, communities will own, build and sustain the solutions they design.

If scaled, these solutions can produce amazing results in human development, conservation, or CSR initiatives. In fact, we've seen great interest in our radical listening methodology around the world - recognized more and more for its application across public and private sectors.

We are teaching clients all over the world how to practice radical listening with communities.

Health In Harmony accompanies our clients along the journey of your learning and use of radical listening.

If you are interested in learning how radical listening can drastically improve your organization's integration and impact, please contact us.

*Photo credit: Chelsea Call